How to Win

Winning requires new ideas.

What most people do when seeking new ideas is to look around their industry. Ask the question, “what are the leaders doing?” Then do that. Play the game of follow the leader. You can make money doing that. You can grow your business doing that. But you will never become a business empire doing that. Leaders lead. Followers follow. But where do leader and future empire builders get their new ideas?
They get their new ideas from outside their industry. From outside their geography. They get out of the office. They research other businesses. It takes time.
You need to dedicate time, resources, and energy to the creation of bold ideas. And the first step, is to change your environment. Book time to go somewhere else. A change of place changes the mind. It has been proven over and over again. It also reduces the distractions. Puts you in a different place. When you are in the office, you think about the office. It is just natural. So, get out. But don’t visit the competition. Study other industries.
Go to a high-end barber. Visit the best restaurant. Stay in the best hotel. Spend time looking at the leaders in other industries. Ask yourself the question, “what are they doing that makes the difference?” Then ask yourself, “how can I do that in my business?”
It takes time. It takes effort. It is why, I spend countless hours researching what the business empires of today did when they were small. It is why I created The Empire Builders Podcast. To share these stories. To distill these lessons. To give you fuel for the creativity fire. It is why I have reverse engineered hundreds of companies from Ford to Walmart to Netflix.
It is why I created The Bold Idea Day. It allows you to draw on decades of experience and a world of knowledge to accelerate your journey.
In this day, you will get The Bold Game Changing Idea that will propel your business to the next level.

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