Getting Started is Easy....

..... Just Different

Most companies start with meeting with to you tell you how great they are. They parade out their portfolio of work, share testimonials and maybe some case studies. Hosting a whole dog and pony show. Basically, selling you. But I am going to guess that you did not wake up this morning jumping out of bed excited that you are meeting with a salesman.

We do things differently.

I believe that if we can provide you with useful advice, good insights and ideas that you can use to grow your business – then you will be interested in working with us. That is why I created The Empire Building Starter Session. To do just that. I wanted us to have an opportunity to earn your business by giving you great advice you can use to turn your business into an empire.

Not to be a salesperson

In this 90-minute session we will answer the following questions.

Plus, any additional questions that you have.

There will be no sales pitch. If you are interested in taking the next step. It is clearly laid out in The Starter Kit. Just let us know and we will book the next step.

Getting Started is Easy.....

...... It just takes 90 minutes

Book your 90-minute Empire Building Starter Session videoconference meeting here.. Once you have booked your meeting, we will send you The Empire Building Starter Kit. The kit includes a scorecard and questionnaire. We will need to get your completed Starter Kit back at least 2 business days before we meet. We need this time to research your business, review your competition and prepare solid advice and answers to your questions.

Looking forward to building an empire together.

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